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Be On the Show

Emerge-A-City Talk producers are always look for a great story!

Do you have a story or an establishment that promotes Community Unity and Community Improvement?

Emerge-A-City strives to discuss problems plaguing certain communities, and collectively offer solutions and empowerment. 

We're always looking to discuss such topics:

  • Family Structure and Dynamics

  • Parenting

  • Education

  • Fitness

  • Mental Illness

  • Healthy Living

  • Culture

  • Self-Help/Self-Improvement

  • Self-Control

  • Conflict Resolution

  • History

  • Non-profit Orgainizations

  • Youth Relations

  • Gun Violence 

  • Gang activity

  • Chicago

  • Community Affairs

  • Community Development

  • Spiritual Developmet 

  • Drug Abuse/Drug Recovery

  • Incarceration

Do You Have a Question or Topic you would like to see be discussed on air?

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