Emerge-A-Leader Program (EAL)

Real-Life Action Planning

EAL Narrative:

There are profound benefits from young people being socially conscious and a part of an interrelated community with their peers and others. Therefore, it is our objective to facilitate a program that encourages students to be positive influences and emerge as leaders within their school, home, and community. Emerge-A-Leader (EAL) is a extracurricular program designed to support our students, especially those underrepresented, in finding their voice and understanding how powerful and essential their participation is to social progression and inclusive development. EAL gives students the opportunity to be active citizens (leaders) within their schools and community through carefully structured community service-learning projects, mentoring and self-discovery. This staple program of SOE will enhance students' awareness on leadership traits, critical thinking, and action planning.

Overarching Goals: 
(1)    Direct energy and talents toward making a positive difference
(2)    Create a greater sense of connection in school and community
(3)    Positive influences among their peers
(4)    Team building 
(5)    Greater understanding of the world around us
(6)    Advocate for others 
(7)    Identify proper channels for communicating with people in power
(8)    Foster curiosity to create well-rounded students

Questions to Be Asked
•    Yes, we have a lot of problems but what am I doing about it as a leader?
•    What positive impact can I make in my community?
•    How am I changing the space I live in?


  • Complete Application

  • Complete One Page Essay

  • Agree to the "Participant Pledge"- Participant and Parent must sign form 

  • Commitment to program- 5 weeks, meeting twice per week; Thursdays and Saturdays

  • Avoid partaking in violence or illegal activities 

100% Free



Apply Now:

To apply, download and complete

1.) Enrollment Application 

2.) Participant Pledge

3.) Media Release

Email all three completed documents to contactsoecity@gmail.com

Subject: 2020 EAL Application


Media Release


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