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"Emerge-A-City Talk"

talk show

“Emerge-A-City Talk” is a half-hour weekly talk show hosted by Founder of State of Emerge-A-City, NFP, MaCassa Johnson. Each week this multi-topic show touches on community empowerment, self-improvement and self-help. Johnson talks to real people with real issues and brings fresh, insightful and long-term solutions to everyday problems plaguing certain communities and populations. Drawing from her varied life experiences, Johnson entertains, informs, and inspires while covering a vast range of relatable topics such as parenting, health, advancement opportunities, and violence. This show was created to be a platform to draw communities and individuals into the vision and movement of non-profit organization, State of Emerge-A-City.


The weekly show is accessible to the West suburbs by Comcast Network, channel 19. For Chicago residents and others outside of viewing area; watch the talk show on demand via YouTube channel and website.


Season 1; Episode 1: COMING SOON
Coming Soon!
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